Monday, June 21, 2010

The Song of the Sociopath

Well now.
You, Gentle Reader,

You are
about as
fine a little hottie
as i could ever have Imagined.
Sweetest thing,
When I look
at you,
I Myself feel different.
I hardly know how to explain it.
It's YOU--
You are making me a better person.
You are changing me like no one could.
I will never be the same, because of you! Just You.

I realize, it is all your fine qualities,
the essenses of you which overwhelm me.
You're overwhelming me.

Your scent,
it blows my mind, i get dizzy My Head is Spinnin'--
Your hair,

it's so
 [silky, wispy, thick, fine, delicious, long, cute, ...brown]

Your eyes,
Your eyes, baby,
they like, they look right through me--
you are Totally blowing my mind.
This is not like anything i've ever felt--
You are magic
You are a majic thing.

I've only imagined something like this could ever happen to me.

and it's YOU-
it's all you.

Sweetheart, i can
NOT get you out of my mind.
Your lips, when i just THINK of getting near to them, i can hardly breathe.


You gotta stop this.

What're you DOING!?

what are you doing to me.
This is too much.

You're not real are you?

Wait, wait, wait--where you goin?

Don't play hard to get

I said Come'ere--

The Song of the Sociopath verse one...

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