Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Boys, Little Girls, Women, Men and the Congo: Falling Whistles

(TONIGHT) Tomorrow night at Radina's in Aggieville is a presentation by 5 bikers who are traveling about to discuss the Falling Whistles project. ( see links on Women's Center Webpage)
It seems that
 BOYS too little to lift a GUN
in the Congo
are used to blow whistles, in order to help in "battle."
Is Congo the place on Earth where despair and evil folly, man-made, are rising to heaven like incense, calling for Justice and the end to Mercy?

 the K-State Wildcats Against Rape (W.A.R.)
held the Run Against Rape to raise money for the Panzi Hospital in Congo
 (the Panzi hospital warning: the hospital reconstructs women's and girls' internal organs
which are warning
damaged if not destroyed by the men who ravage them,
by assaulting their own countrywomen and children internally with knives and guns after raping them)
--the Women's Center staff did some research and learned about Congo.
 it broke all our hearts and some students even asked for a little vacation and then to be put on other projects.
Sometimes you can bear unbearable things, and Sometimes you cannot.
It reminded me
of the movie, Blood Diamonds, with the very worst scene in recent movie memory, a scene depicting- -trying to let you know, gentle moviegoer, how clever the men were in making little boys able to kill.
It was so disturbing to me
 i hate to say, "you must see it", but, you must see it.
((Only if you pray.
If you have no faith you will die of sadness.))

link to poem: Oh, Congo Man


Congo man poem and pic by m todd

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