Sunday, November 1, 2009

Congo Man

Congo Man

Pissing in your own cup of cold clean water
Shitting in your bowl of sweet rich food
I can’t wrap my head around your psychosis
Tell me, what you doin, Congo Man?
Shooting a gun up inside a woman
The very body of a woman-
The woman of your land
Cutting out the life of your future generations
What devil in your head, o congo man?

Like Burning down your fields so full of grain
And Making sure everybody watch the pain
Shattering the lives of your very own daughters
Tell me bout your madness, Congo Man!
Rise Up, Rise Up, Good Congo Man
Rise Up, Rise Up, Good Congo Men!
Rise Up, Rise Up, Good Congo Men!
Are you there, Are you there,
Good Congo Men?
Put these devils in a tight little box.
Forget about money, come out from the dark.
Give even your life if it is required.
Better find your Christ, o Congo Man

(Well, Neil heard screamin and bullwhips cracking
and asked How long? how long? we say,
Congo man better find your head
Dont forget what your Good book said
We know change gonna come at last
Now your chances are burning fast

Congo Man)

Mary Todd 2008-08-19

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