Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your Honor, He Was FRAMED!

When a "defense attorney" attempts to dismiss evidence
 [evidence which reasonable folks
would say
indicates a rape has taken place]
by stating,
"This was  a case of Regrettable Sex."
"this is a 'situation' involving 'Regret'"

I am wondering
the Defense Attorney doesn't simply say,

"Your Honor!!!
He was FRAMED!!!"

"My client is being framed!

If these sentences--
"It was a case of regrettable sex"-- "Things went too far and now she regrets it"
"She was afraid her boyfriend would find out"--"she was afraid her friends would think she was 'loose'"--
 [typical -RAPE MYTHS]
-- stated clearly in open court
by the defense attorney-
-are TRUE-
- a woman simply regretted her willing, mindful, consensual sex-
-then everything that happened after in the legal system is a FRAUD on her part. Where are all the defense attorneys yelling that their client was FRAMED???

Please I need to know.
If they are false,
and he presents
not a SHRED of evidence
to support such nasty, dispicable,
dishonorable suggestions.
shouldn't the lawyer should be sued for slander? Just wondering.

AND btw, HOW COME THERE ARE SO FEW MEN WHO HAVE REGRETTABLE SEX AND THEN "CRY" RAPE, that is, FRAME their 'partner'?? LESSEE, are men not AFRAID THE GIRLFRIEND WILL FIND OUT, not AFRAID OF BEING THOUGHT "loose', --wait wait, maybe when men have regrettable sex they take it like a man, so to speak. that is, they "regret" it.

The idea that a MAN who has horribly regrettable sex would then decide to lie to his family and friends and actually CALL THE POLICE and REPORT A FELONY which can get someone YEARS in jail is CRAZY!!!! Crazy, I tell you...
as it would be if a woman did it.

Fu'Cryin' Out LOUD!

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  1. as i read this post a year later i can see by my attempts to show emotion through COLOR and FONT changes how upset i was. The Lizzy Seeberg case has brought it all back...
    to all who have contacted me regarding that sad case, take care of each other...