Friday, November 13, 2009

Sparks The Really Good Wonderful Fine Dog; as Dogs Aspire to Be; Complete.

Happy Day.

USS Sparkship! The Best.
More than a Dog-

An Angel.
God Bless, Miss Woo.

{  Sparkie was found wandering the streets of Topeka on Thanksgiving Day of 1995 when temperatures were below 0. She has been hard at work for about 14 years. She is on her 4th Car; her first car was a Reliant K car, then 2 Ford Tauruses and now the Big Red Jeep Cherokee ( she has enjoyed the heated leather seats these last 2 winters), of these the Silver Taurus was her favorite...
...          …an amazing Dog's life.
A dog that was once fast enough to herd bumble bees and then eat them… [B.R.]  }

Oh, that every Dog could be as Real as You,
and every One could have a Love like You had in Barbie.

GodSpeed, SpaceSparks!

By the way, this dog could laugh, smile, and fly.


  1. Thanks for the lovely Tribute to this fine Glowing, White Fur Ball: She is the best friend anyone can hope to live with in a life time.

  2. Dogs make us better. Thanks for your work with and for them.
    You are a gooddog

  3. What a sweetie. Must be an angel looking down on the girl who saved her.

  4. A happy dog is an asset to the earth. whoever rescued this dog did a good thing. whoever hurts dogs is going to PAY,MF

  5. Barbie (broken parts, but box intact)November 12, 2010 at 3:21 AM

    A YEAR AGO today - You came out and said your goodbyes to her......
    about 12 hours and 45 minutes we will be marking the moment 4PM 2nd Friday in November or any Friday the 13th.
    The Black kitty in the pic above, in the last hour of Miss Woo life, the kitty sat with her and finally the kitty 'Miss Trix' - let a yowl I had never heard the likes of- she has taken up parts of the duties Miss Woo left her in charge with/of..... all but riding in the car.
    Thank You for so many posts for Sparkie.
    I will be using a bucket to catch tears tomorrow

  6. Amazing how time flys.. you might think.. but for me it has been a dark downward spiral since she died.. the cats do what they can to fill her jobs.. but she was a One Off creation - i knew that... seeing the video via the link on this page (THANKS) 2 years later or 4 since i made that Alter Bridge video, of her drive in the Jeep with me.. was like she was here for ma minute.... the sun was heavy over cast the day she left and today it is warm and sunny.. the sun shine in on the spot where the Doctor put her to sleep i see it from where i type.. there was no sun that day.. and sorry to say the light is gone from my soul- She was the Best $55 i ever spent. Thank You to Helping Hands HS in Topeka for a gift of a life time... and her first ride was to K-Mart for a collar and leash.. the cold Dec Night air and some kind of angelic moon light followed us back to Manhattan (except there was NO Moon that night..?)

  7. She might have been the light in your life but you were probably the light in hers. What a life you gave her!?

  8. One of her (Sparks) favorite kitties will soon be joining her, she loved this big boy, and he was born in the flint hills! to a assistant who used to work at (Little Apple Vet 2001)
    he is i hope; an honorary member in full,.. of the 'Large Paws' branch of the Thunder Paw Tribe: ?

    Skin Cancer caused by vacines given as kitten. People need to know what to look for -
    perhaps that batch of vacines Little Apple gave was just a 2001 'thing' - wish i could ask - as if it would make a difference now...