Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starbucks Dogs Are Pretty!

The Folks at Starbucks have a great assortment of canine visitors. Fine, phine pups!
Here is one more: Jasmine, who is as ferocious looking as she is fine and sweet.
More of Jasmine will be added at  PETS WE LOVE     (click pics to enlarge.)

Jasmine, Princess of All She surveys! by mtodd

A Girl and Her Dog by mtodd

DogLove Rocks! by mtodd

See More Jasmine at Sweetest Chiuaua
What up wit DogPeople?
 I find that people who have dogs GENERALLY ssem to be so nice, generous, and sharing with their treasures. thanks.
and they must need caffeine to keep up wid the puppies.

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