Monday, June 14, 2010

Human Right Abuses in Iran- Pay Attention, United Nations

The U.N. and any world leader that acts as if they are interested in human rights have all the evidence they need to demand change in iran.
I guess it really is all about money and power?
Please don't try to convince me that the U.N. is worth anything but corruption.
Stealing money, their peacekeepers sexually assaulting women and children in africa--it's over.

solidarity with iranian people

iranian corruption

State-Sanctioned Murder of the Innocent in Iran

Human rights in Iran

How long before the passive, comfortable MEDIA put pressure on world leaders to act?
American media can get a president impeached, an adulterer outed, a falsehood spread, a sex tape distributed---how about getting Darfur attended to and Human Rights Violations focused upon-- every day!
Pretend you found a sex scandal involving
Sarah Palin or Bill Clinton!

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