Wednesday, June 23, 2010

NCIS Fans: Season Finale Rule 51 - Spoiler Alert: Gibbs does not lie

Update: the November 15 2011 NCIS was AweSome
Holy Smokes! The Punch!
Engaged, Part II Video

NCIS season eight:  Here is my explanation
that leaves Gibbs a Good Cop,
and allows everything he's said to the Cartel and to his team to remain the truth.
(Because Gibbs does not lie)--
Gibbs saying
"but I've never lost a night's sleep over your father"
(over the death of the man who murdered his wife and daughter)  is not the same as saying,
I did indeed kill him.

Here is the explanation:
Spoiler alert!
Do not read further if you do not want to know [my proposed] resolution, which will be aired, when, next september?

Here we go.

Gibbs' father, Jackson, killed Pedro Hernández.

Gibbs' father was unable to stand the effect of the murders on his son.
Gibbs' father was unable to allow the murderer to go without justice.
It was his decision to act in this way, perfectly willing to take the consequences.

So now,
Gibbs is protecting his father.

Gibbs was perfectly willing to allow the cartel to assume his guilt and execute him in retribution, because that would mean they would not figure out it was his dad.
Gibbs even goaded them to kill him.
He wanted them to kill him.

This episode made many references to fathering.

"No way out, in that riddle. Guy trapped in this room no doors, no windows," Gibbs says. "And how did he get there?" Paloma asks. "Well it was built around him but there's nothing there except a mirror and a table. How's he get out? Here's a hint, it won't work in Spanish" Gibbs says. "Look in the mirror, see what you saw. Take the saw, cut the table in half. Two halves make a whole, climb out the hole. Most retarded riddle I've ever heard," Dean says. "My father taught it to me. My dad...never an easy guy. Takes a man to make a man right?" Gibbs says. "Hermano," Paloma says as she sees her brother getting agitated. "When things get rough, I can still go talk to him," Gibbs continues. Alejandro takes Dean's gun out and aims it at Gibbs. "You know so much, Gibbs, well tell me this. How will this feel to me, what will it feel like to pull this trigger?" Alejandro asks. Paloma stands and says, "Alejandro, don't let him make you into a killer. You are more powerful in the government." Alejandro is agitated and says he is going to shoot Gibbs with his own gun. "You've never done this before. I have. I've killed men and woman in combat, in the line and in life. And some of those still haunt me, but I've never lost a night's sleep over your father. You want to know just what it feels like to be the hand of justice?" Gibbs stands and finishes, "then pull the damn trigger yourself and find out. Go on, do it." Gibbs stares down a crying Alejandro.

Reminds me of the dynamic of the Sicilians scene in true romance, when dennis hopper manages to GOAD/get christopher walken to kill him, so he will not be able to torture him for info. ( He uses filthy racism to do it; it saves his son's life.)
wiki says: "Walken's next major film role was opposite Dennis Hopper in True Romance, scripted by Quentin Tarantino. His so-called Sicilian scene has been hailed by critics as the best scene in the film and is the subject of four commentaries on the DVD.


  1. a couple more things-
    i wouldn't be surprised to find this season allowing jethro to be wrestling with losing his father-- the show can't go on forever; harmon needs to have some good acting opportunities; - (the show is great about allowing these actors to Display their Chops as D.M. likes to say--) so jackson gibbs probably has a t.d.

    the concept of TURNING (from good to bad or vice versa) is also a focus between Gibbs and cartel members; Pedro Hernández's daughter or son will perhaps Turn in the End and help gibbs [due to wishing for a "father like that"] which will get Jackson the reprieve to die in peace.
    If you've Watched the Show you know why this is Exciting.
    not confusedly pathetic
    or sadly pitiable. weirdly touching in a i-only-have tv-friends kind of way.

  2. Actually, after seeing the 'cliff-hanger' again last night, I don't think that Jackson will be killed by Paloma, as this would just perpetuate the 'feud', which would make the show stray from it's roots. But, I like the idea of her or Alejandro turning, to help NCIS. Getting very tired of the antagonistic interaction between Vance and Gibbs, tho, some is good but it's almost over the top which is also distracting.

  3. Yeah, bcuz they have talked about "turning" that is, making someone turn bad or corrupt, i think that gibbs will "Turn" paloma to the Good Side.