Thursday, June 17, 2010

K-State Prez Kirk Schulz Frees Anderson Field!

KSU has a big phat green field, perfect for frisbee, squirrel-filming, sunbathing, and four-leaf-clover finding. I used this field when i was a yout, and even found myself there in my dreams when i lived far away from K-State. We used to meet in this field before concerts, which used to be held in the (now Old) Fieldhouse.

When i returned to Manhappiness, i found there was a Fence around the Field. Oh, you could still go in through the two openings, but i always wondered why there was a fence--I have a fence around part of my yard because the neighbor's cows once escaped and trampled my garden.
What happened, that a fence was erected? Thick pressure-treated pine posts linked with heavy chain said, "Wait- are you really sure you're allowed in here? You might get in trouble!!"

I saw today that the fence was being removed! Big strong grounds folk were removing the posts. And, they were filling the holes with sand!

After wandering the halls of academia with my ears open
and perked,
i heard the rumor:

The New President did not like the field fenced in.

Happy day!
Is this a portent!?
Anderson Field

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