Saturday, June 12, 2010

Top Ten Differences when Billionaires Take to the Streets: Headlines are Fun

Billionaires take to the streets: that i'd like to see.

It might be different than when my friends and i take to the streets--
Top 10 Differences:

10. Billionaires are carrying special Gortex winebags to keep the Mumms at the right temp,
9. They are wearing Polartec undies to wick away any body moistures that might arise.
8. Their chauffeurs slowly roll the limos along the walk route in order to offer a brandy after particularly crowded intersections.
7. Their dogs and dog-walkers all come along but stay to the rear of the marching group so that stopping to scoop won't hold up the "movement".
6. Well-wishers along the streets offer them small cups of noncomedogenic sunscreen.
5. The night before, their chefs prepare small packets of lembas to keep their strength up along the way.
4. When billionaires take to the streets, they make sure the routes have good satellite access for on-line stock trading during lulls in the chanting.
3. Everyone uses the new Paul Newman peppemint lozenges for throat protection in case of screaming.
2. They provide the police with a special non-staining tear-gas that also acts as a skin conditioner.
and the number one difference between my friends and billionaires taking to the streets:
1. My friends and i have to go to work the next morning.

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