Monday, June 7, 2010

Pelicans Are So Beautiful Your Heart Must Be Breaking: The Monster in the Gulf

The Oil spill in the gulf is a slow monster.
The pictures are killing me.
The animals are innocent. What is more innocent than a sea turtle?
 I watched for a few minutes as the new horror shots came on the telly. When i changed the channel,
a huge blast of irony was on; 
a "hunting" program appeared, which was showing two men trying
 to kill some geese-- they were "hit" but would not stop swimming.
 "Git him in the head" one man said to the other.

I put down my fork, picked up my dinner knife, cut my chest open, gouged out a piece of heart muscle,
and offered it up in sadness.
 I know, I know, shutup.Here is what Pelicans look like:  (click photo to view enlarged)

 remember the final scene from Jurassic Park,
about dinosaurs and the need to recreate the fantastic creatures, and the realization at the end that we still had fantastically bizarre creatures, we did not need to recreate dinosaurs-- look out the window! oh man, is that a pelican!!?
 how strangely wonderful they are.

Here is what they look like

covered in Tar/Oil:  

Be Careful, here it is:

Here is what a turtle looks like in the sea:


Good turtles

We each have to find our way:

 to find beauty,
     recognize value,
         preserve good.

I'm sure my tombstone will say,
She died of a broken heart.
Yours too.

pics and video of pelicans in KANSAS HERE

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