Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rape, False Accusations, and the DSK IMF World Stage

There is a lot of sexual assault.
check globally HERE and
personally HERE  and nationally  HERE

There are some false reports
(discussion click HERE  and HERE and HERE
if a person falsely reports,
they should be held on charges, no? (HERE)
But I've always said, those false reports are usually detected by those who work these cases.
How can the horror and outrage of false reporting be balanced against the huge percentage of rapes that are
-- never reported out of fear,
--never prosecuted for lack of resources
--result in no conviction due to poor evidence?

Those who scream about false accusations -- are they yelling about the crimes of sexual violence as well?

How much press is given to the fact that a person reporting a rape previously lied;
versus how much press is given to the number of times a person accused of rape has been accused of rape in the past, or lied?

Three stories re: Dominique Strauss-Kahn:


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