Friday, July 1, 2011

The Healing of [Michael Vick's] Dogs: Jim Gorant on PBS' Need to Know

Jonny Rotten a therapy dog.
Hector hangs out with his loving family of people and other animals.

 Michael Vick  now out of jail.
 PETA Eating CROW)

Time passes, and if you want to find out more about what happened to the dogs
 that Michael Vick and others
enslaved, brutalized, manipulated,
-- as if these men were actually packs of demons--
read Jim Gorant's book, The Lost Dogs (more click HERE) and also,
 why not watch this video clip here
from Need to Know.
You might cry a tiny bit or
get vaclempt or just change a little,
vowing to help out somehow...

The dogs were treated so badly, PETA said, they should all be euthanized. They were beyond help.
But, as it turns out, that warn't so.

So, watch the vid
   and  go to the site above  to read all about this and related links.
watch this wonderful video:  (Ms. Paisley Sky)
Changes came.
 Good changes.

Here is an excerpt from the show tonight:  
"- “The Vick investigation had not only shed light on the disturbing game of dog fighting,” writes Jim Gorant in The Lost Dogs, “it had inspired action and begun to change the public view of pit bulls from perpetrators of violence to victims of it.” In several recent dog fighting busts, the successful approach used in the Vick case was applied to these new cases, and many dogs were spared as a result.
- The Humane Society of the U.S. has changed its position on how captured fighting dogs should be handled. The organization now supports individual evaluations of fighting dogs, and saving those that can be saved. (Peta, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, still believes that trained fighting dogs are too risky to try and rehabilitate.)
- Once he was released from prison, Michael Vick teamed up with The Humane Society to help them in its ongoing national campaign to educate kids around the country about the cruelty of dog fighting. Vick has repeatedly expressed remorse for his role in these crimes, and he was allowed to rejoin the National Football League in 2009 by Commissioner Roger Godell. In the 2010 season, Vick was the starting quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles,...Just this week, Nike announced that they have re-signed Vick for an endorsement deal, after having dropped him in 2007 when his crimes came to light."...
Several posts examining Vick's dogs,
psychology and animal cruelty click here.

Dog faces (and a huge blue staffordshire mug) to make you laugh HERE

Here i will post some pictures of the
Lost Dogs, now rehabilitated, with their families:
I found these just by a variety of google searches.
The first two, so warming, hector-

Jonny Justice


  1. Very Brutal, The people who conduct these types of Fights should be put behind the bars.

  2. Yes. Well, it is against the law most places. Imagine a little hot dusty town, where the few men, maybe a woman, who feel like it is their territory, their power that runs things. and the fights are kept quiet or maybe the sheriff is even in on it. money baby money. prestige--PRESTIGE! at having the winning dog. as if your cruelty has somethig to do with it... some bible verse comes to mind, like, 'being proud of what you should be ashamed of...'
    more here:

  3. ps petlover i just snagged the tiny terrier off of your webpage. hope you dont mind if i put it on a bookmark...