Sunday, June 19, 2011

How i envy your deep depression

Oh Dieter. you are so mike myers.


  1. actually NOT - every thought and feeling-
    surely you do NOT envy me....?
    no one would want it... few understand it and Why it is manifesting from time to time- i see it as situational a real cause and reaction not and imaginary voice...
    and surely this is NOT what God wants for me?
    But I get your envy... why wouldn't you want to feel like your hated and have no options in life and want that 357 to your head- wanting so bad to pull the trigger- if only you did not have a couple of Cats you love, stopping you from doing it...

  2. Yes. there is real depression, and there is the humorous mocking of euroblackwear depression, accompanied by small doses of heroin and vodka.
    This snl post is the mocking kind, and you describe the real depression. if you have stumbled upon this blog and this post of dark homor, i hope you also will stumble upon some of the stories of reclaiming as well as the little pictures i offer of the Notes from God, sent to lift your spirit and remind you of the cycle which will Make all things new...