Thursday, June 23, 2011

Did Casey Anthony allow her daughter Caylee to be victimized? Wendy Murphy asks some legal questions. (part 1)

Wendy Murphy (part II acquittal HERE) puts forth a theory that suddenly explains a lot of things better than the current explanations--
 -- by the prosecution or the defense, [or the amazing investigative msm media lol not].
-- her theory/hypothesis or postulation, below:

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murphy's FULL column:

((Here is an earlier column of hers regarding
 excerpt from the latest column:
 (It ends with wendy murphy's specific legal questions)
 if you are so inclined to answer them, i urge you to read the entire column at the link at top.

..."Casey knows more than she’s saying about who and why Caylee is dead, which is why she was offered immunity early on. The prosecution squeezed her very hard - even putting the death penalty on the table – but Casey resisted and the prosecution all but conceded defeat last week when they rested their case after presenting a woefully small pile of evidence....there's good evidence Casey wasn't even with Caylee when she died. Caylee was last seen with Casey leaving George and Cindy’s home on June 16, 2008. ..

The public thinks Casey drugged Caylee, put her in her car trunk and taped her mouth shut so she could go out partying. But Casey and her boyfriend rented movies the night of the 16th and stayed home. Videotape from Blockbuster showed that Caylee was nowhere in sight. ...Whoever killed Caylee apparently had Casey’s car, too, because Casey didn’t have her child or her car on the 17th. A witness told police Casey was driving a borrowed Jeep that day ...
The prosecution’s case raised more questions than it answered, and it failed address the following important issues:
1. Photographs of Caylee seized from the Anthony home have been sealed from public view by court order as “too prejudicial”. The images are apparently so awful, Casey's attorney made a very big fuss about Cindy Anthony answering deposition questions about the FACT that the photos exist. Why?
3. In May and June of 08, when Caylee was sleeping with Casey at a friend’s apartment, Casey got a phone call in the middle of the night, in response to which, she roused Caylee from sleep and delivered her to some unknown location. Then she returned to her friend’s apartment and went to sleep. Casey also delivered Caylee to unknown locations on other occasions when she claimed to be bringing Caylee to a "nanny." Where did she bring her? Why?
4. Why is the docket sheet in the case under seal? It would show what motions were filed to “seal” certain evidence. It would also show that the case has been designated a sex crime prosecution – which is important given that a sex crimes detective was involved in the early stages of the investigation. Why?
5. Casey searched the internet to learn how to make chloroform; a substance commonly used to sedate children in the making of child porn. The public thinks Casey used chloroform to kill her child, but the drug is popular among parents who pimp their kids because it’s cheap and it causes amnesia so that victims can’t remember being abused.Pimping kids is dangerous business and Casey apparently made someone very angry. ...

The distortion of truth in this strange case will lead to Casey’s acquittal, which begs the real question: will the prosecution then have the guts, and the political will, to file new charges against Casey for what she REALLY did to that poor little girl...

Read more:
quote from the end of Murphy's earlier column:
If she had the guts to take the stand, we’d learn more – but that day will never come because she’d have to answer questions like this one: On May 30, you were sleeping with your boyfriend Ricardo Morales, at Ricardo’s apartment. Caylee was in the bed, too. In the middle of the night, you woke Caylee up and took her somewhere. Then you returned to Ricardo’s bed alone and went back to sleep. In the morning, Ricardo asked you where Caylee was, and you said you brought her home to your mother, an hour away. Your mother told cops that was a lie and that you never brought Caylee to her in the middle of the night.
So do tell, Casey. Where did you take Caylee that night? So long as this part of the story remains a mystery, Casey Anthony will walk free.The prosecution’s opening statement suggested their best evidence against Casey is an expert who will testify that duct tape was placed on the child’s mouth before she died. They have no proof of who put it there or when.If that’s all there is, Casey will be acquitted because while it’s horrifying to bury your child, lie about it, and then go out partying, it isn’t proof of murder."

part 2 from wendy murphy HERE

As one who has studied certain personality types this case is of interest to me; the supposed B____ slate of the legal system is at least a good canvas to watch the varying levels of sociopathy on display. If sadly,
 (every outcome is Sadly)  
Murphy is right,
God Save Us.

I hope you're already praying for that.


  1. OMG This is the most startling information imaginable!! The theory is plausible! Yet, we wonder why these revelations that Wendy wove together were not pursued by some of the investigators and then presented as part of the State's case? If it were to "have legs" could the
    shocking idea of her pimping her child for porn reasons open some legal charges against her? It is appalling that none of these allegations were not apparent at some point to the detectives or prosecution. Unbelievable andf revolting but with Casey anything might be possible. Wendy should get law enforcement to seriously look into her expert theories and rule them in or out! WOW, I'm almost speechless after hearing a "tease" on HLN to acutally get these details in more depth. Wendy should have something done and make it a mission to find some way to have authorities pursue this.

  2. Yes. Yes.
    One assumes folks do their jobs well.
    Sometimes one stops assuming that.
    One hopes.

    wendy has done what she's to do; it is up to the public to pressure. she says:

  3. a very good link to video interview is her-