Saturday, June 25, 2011

Joplin Tornado Before and After Photos; Search Dog Rescue; Missouri's Recovery and FEMA

Neighbors here in Kansas continue to watch the recovery in Joplin with admiration for the folks there.
Earlier posts, such as the amazing photographs that look like Rembrandt was there (click HERE and dog link HERE --
and the silly incompetence? of FEMA (click HERE) are the initial sensational stories.
 I'd like to find the reporters who are getting the real deep continuing reality of this event, and continue to post them here.

HERE are some newer amazing detailed before and after pictures:

Here are some good links from others to catch up:

This blog:
is meant to deal soley with the aftermath from a counselor's point of view

very poignant video here:

autism center to rebuild

Senator Claire McCaskill's photos:

Dog paralyzed in tornado helped to walk again: HERE and vid HERE

Fabric therapy: quilting for tornado victims:

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