Monday, May 23, 2011

Joplin Missouri Tornado Response Example of Neighbors Taking Care of Each Other

In the end, we must take care of each other. In the end, We must help those near to us and not do less or expect more.

Video from space of the supercell HERE

looks like a rembrandt painting of the joplin tornado aftermath
We are bracing for more tornadic storms to hit tonight. I pray they bypass Joplin.

Tending to an injured dog.

 More about these type of Clouds HERE

snowball, the dog ripped from a little boy's arms after katrina


  1. Gotta love teh Dogs

  2. Disaster after disaster--and how long does the pain last for those there?

  3. I Am thinking about Snowball and his little owner tonight. It may be the saddest moment in memory that i cannot find a rationalization for in any way. The boy's anguish, the pup's abandonment. The inhumane policy. Stupidity. Read the story on wikipedia to cry and rend your very soul. I have to put it in the Hands of Love or my heart would break actually.