Friday, May 6, 2011

Summer Birds Come to Kansas: Orioles, Blackbirds and Finches, Oh My

Add Red-headed woodpeckers, Yellow-headed blackbirds, bluebirds, wrens, bluejays, sparrows, grackles, vultures, robins, and on and on.
Here are some pics from this week:
Baltimore oriole was really more orange but the sun was right on him.

 More Kansas Orioles HERE...

 Bathing and eating video

these pics are LARGE click to view  

This red-headed woodpecker has a video HERE.

HERE is another real clear red head video they say is from lake erie

and here is one i took a couple years ago that is short but has shadowplay and an amazing soundtrack.

Orioles love birdbaths wnd will play in sprinklers too.

More Birds HERE
and Hummingbirds HERE!
and HERE

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