Monday, May 30, 2011

World War II Memorial Sculpture Dedication at KSU May 30, 2011

Kansas State University honored the Veterans on the WWII Memorial Plaza with the unveiling of a Sculpture. Artists Tim Chapman and Daniel Hunt created a piece

at once simple
and dynamic, transparent
and ever-changing.

U.S. Vet alongside artist Tim Chapman
click on pics to enlarge.

Is your grandfather a hero?

The sky was perfect for the occasion--grey and blue, warm and windy, clouds deep with stories.
There was some electricity in the air, presence at the plaza.
The Program is posted below.

Here is my WWII vet:
Grandfather, who uncovered one of
The "camps" before anyone knew what that meant; he took photos as he thought no one would believe what he would have to tell them. He said he sent some of his men to round up locals to help build graves. 

He also brought home a Nazi flag,
very large,
crimson with the  black and white symbol in the center,
which my grandmother purified by cutting out the swastica and adding more red,
thus creating the red base over which the white lacy tablecloth was laid for
Christmas Dinner!
Sweet grandmother.

Here is the program:

looking north on the Kansas State University Campus
Folks from Meadowlark

cavalry of a different breed

A generous Vet allows me to photograph his t-shirt.

Senator Brownback arrives

a very short video: or( large here)

food for thought: saw this on my way out:

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