Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blogspot violations and theft -- why? Why steal entire posts? Bad bad dog.

I have accidentally discovered a blog that has LIFTED entire posts, dozens, maybe hundreds from me-- and apparently others,  thousands of posts. Just lifted them in their entirety and posted them!

Update: the posts come from blogs on architechture, health, art, etc. In the past 2 days--the blog is filled with smarmy porny ads so i think maybe the person is using the energies of other's pictures in search to get visitors to make some money. just a guess.

when i saw a picture i had posted, coming up on search which led to this lessos site instead of my own, i was mystified--when i went there and found post after post that was my stuff, and a bunch of unrelated posts that seemed to be just lifted from other sites, it made me ask, why would someone do this?
No, No!
while at first i tried to rationalize-- like, this person thinks "blogging" is getting a bunch of posts together--"Look! I'm blogging! Look how big my blog is and how many blogs i made today!"

but then all the porny ads went up.
all my posts from the past month are there, listed as by this person. Shedding Tears of Elizabeth Smart. My take on Joplin.

It makes me want to stop writing online.
I will not be posting much unless/until this gets cleared up. i do not want my entire blog to be used like this.

I have filed Report Abuse (an option which by the way no longer shows up on lessos blog) and have filled out the complaint form.
Who knows?
The two posts after this one, i have a few things to add.
then i think  i may have to stop for a while.

a discussion is here:

I am not out looking for cholera-free water for my starving infant.
i know, my diamond shoes are too tight.
but wrong is wrong.

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