Friday, May 13, 2011

Beagle Puppy Being Slapped Around in Missouri Raises Ire of the Planet. "Save Daisy" -and the Human Babies?

Let's expand this Ire to all? Does some part of you want to watch the video (below)? Her name is Daisy. She is IMPOSSibly cute. [[How can a person slap her? Read this and this.  ]] short  Story here.
thoughts and analyZe below.

excerpt from the full Kansas City Star story:
May 12, 2011 10:42:00 pm by DONALD BRADLEY - The Kansas City Star

People as far away as Kenya and the Czech Republic have seen the beagle pup get slapped around on a porch in a small Missouri town.
Daisy, 8 weeks old, tries to ward off the hands with her paw. Her back is against the cushion of a raggedy old sofa, she cannot escape. Though small enough to fit in a ball glove, she tries to fight back.

“Come on, what are you gonna do?” says her 19-year-old tormenter with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth. One of many head slaps sends the pup rolling.
At the very least, it’s rough play. At worst, it’s animal abuse.
World opinion goes big for the latter. A video of the incident, which the owner made, went viral on Facebook. Outraged viewers from all over the United States, as well as France, Germany, Portugal, Greece and other countries, flooded the Slater Police Department, City Hall and the Saline County Prosecutor’s Office this week with demands that Daisy be rescued and that the man be charged.
Tracey Cogan wrote from South Africa: “How can you look at that sweet face and do nothing to help her? You must be monsters, all of you in authority.”

But the opinion that matters most is the prosecutor’s; he determined Wednesday that no charges would be filed.“That’s going to be disappointing to people in South Africa,” said Keith Wright, longtime police chief in this town of 2,000 about a hundred miles east of Kansas City.
Then came the fast-breaking puppy bulletins Thursday: Wright was going to return Daisy to her owner. Then, news came that the teen had decided to give up the pup.

The hoopla began May 2 when Daisy’s owner took the puppy to the home of a woman he used to work with at Casey’s General Store.“Oh, she’s so cute,” Shay Hopkin told him.
Then he showed her the video, which she thought anything but cute. She grabbed Daisy, called the man an animal abuser and dialed police. He was made to leave.
“He thought this was funny. I told him he wasn’t going to get her back,” Hopkin, 24, told The Star.
Police made her relinquish Daisy. But not before she made a copy of the video, which she showed to the officers.
Daisy’s owner removed the video from his Facebook page. But Hopkin posted the clip on hers. Another woman saw it and started a new page called “Save Daisy.”
That’s when a little beagle pup became the face of Slater, Mo., to the world.
When Wright, the police chief, saw the video, he sent it on to the prosecutor’s office in Marshall. He also went to the man’s house, removed the pup and let another family babysit it.
Wright described Daisy’s owner as being new to town. Apparently he has no phone, and The Star was unable to reach him.
“He was pretty mad,” Wright said. “He said he was just playing and loved the dog.”
What did Wright think the video showed?
Stopping short of calling it a crime, he said:
 “No, she didn’t look like she was having any fun.
 It’s not what I would do to a puppy.”  
Anyone wanting to see the video can do so by logging onto Facebook and typing in “Save Daisy.”
By midday Thursday, more than 1,800 viewers had signed a petition seeking charges. Wright’s office received about 150 calls this week.“Some of those people are mean,” Wright said. “A woman from Rhode Island called me a dumba** and slammed the phone down.
“But we can’t just hang this guy from a building and beat him till he can’t see straight.”
Nope, can’t do that. In fact, Saline County Prosecutor Donald Stouffer said in a statement there is “insufficient evidence to prove to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt” that the owner committed a crime.

...Slapping a pup around may not be a crime, but that doesn’t mean it sits well with folks in Saline County." end excerpt

What is it about the dogs,
 the pups
teh kitkats, that empathy and compassion and pain in the heart are stimulated--
 even to action, how rare,
but the  baby humans come in less than third place ... for many of us, for better or for worse,
 just curious? how does that happen? eye to head ratio? quality of crying sound?
why isn't every human baby (our own species)  cared for, adopted or in good foster care?
Here is a suggestion for the Christian World: Declare an
Adopt with Love campaign and put
love where the Christian Mouth is.
I need to investigate: who is adopting the baby humans?
More later....

here is the video on facebook, although i'm double checking to see for sure if this is it.

however,in the video  i see a person who is not seeing the delicacy of the tiny body, the gentleness of the tiny spirit,--
who is probably "making it strong" gittin it ready for the world.."
probably some of his own life experience is invovled here, doncha think.
so although he does not appear initially to be sadistic, clearly needs some sensitivity training about the malleable sweetness of a puppy.
'stupidity is different than sadistic.
 or even from purposeful. naivete is
different from stupidity, or shall we instead
 use the kinder word, which is


The more i ponder the video clip, the more i think it could be used to teach about how that puppy, or how a child, will be affected and change due to that type of "handling" versus another.


  1. Many call for revenge or even violence in response. this is incomprehensible. Please respond to violence, which in this case lookes to be based on culture/naivete or even good will, albeit misguided and sad, with kindness and gentleness. Be an angel.

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