Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The World's Royalty Always Gets a Nice Dinner

 Snark snark.   Nice purse, Queen.
 maybe State Dinners and Visits are just annoying at the wrong time.

May 24, 2011. The Royalty of the World has a very nice dinner.
click pic to enlarge and
see if the queen of england is wearing a police badge on her silky sash...
Sorry, feeling crabby today.
Watching silently
the Dead from War on the PBS Newshour.
New Ginourmous tournadoes just hit Oklahoma.

 Although i did Rapture a big toad
 from a hay field that was getting harvested;
 s/he went from certain death to a lovely paradisaical existance in my yard.

What's for Dinner? 
It's Friday; we're fasting/

Pretty State Visits Oh Yeah

How shall we spend our time and money?

why so much indifference or direct hurting?

What are we -you and i- sowing?

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