Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gentle Ms. Paisley Sky

Why so much evil?
Why so much pain?

 this is
ms paisely sky:  tender hearted and maybe you should save it for last,
to feel better, cry with more cleansing,

however, these next two are
 Too Sad to Watch.
get heart ready. more. don't view unless ready to pray?
the dog shown at 1:01 on the above clip is Gypsy; i have a story to tell (good) and new pics later about her.

Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight. ~Albert Schweitzer

one part of love
is needing wanting anguishing to
take away the pain of another

[my siblings toward they tiny children]

of a "journey TO hope" implies a current state of sadness or desperation or anguish. Who among us knows what a true lack of hope, or home, or love, or family or being prized
This arises as i think of the Martha's Story tape. (it's called Fear.)
It is a poetic piece of post-rape art which blows away the students who see it here. 7 minutes long.
and the Person, Martha,
is at a point where hope seems like a "word", little and far away,

"hope" is just a label

you recognize for
                   something you once heard and thought you knew what it was.

In Martha's Story, the woman is in the middle of the first part of healing. so her desperation and blanket statements
are not
the end of the story.
more on This Point in the next part of Jess' Story.

Why are there so many being hurt? 
    Why all this pain?

It is not one person. 
we are seeing this inflation of Evil
Involving so many who are Choosing to hurt others, to inflict pain;
the infliction of which makes the torturer feel better.

Exactly how are we reaping what we've sown? How to Change the Culture? What is missing? 

Gypsy the good dog HERE

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