Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Deceiver has It Coming, Baby

Well October began
and a really nasty rape occured.
What makes me characterize it that way? Aren't they all really nasty? Yes. I guess i am being redundant. Each crime makes me sad and angry.
Every Single rape makes me want to DO SOMETHING.
so what is it that i am trying to tell you when i say, a Really Vile Rape happened?
to try and not let You get used to it either?
that is, not to let them become typical?
is it about seeing and wanting you to know how horrible it was for this very one?
for this kansas girl, this oklahoma boy, this oregon woman?
that for each each girl or boy, it is a heartbreaking experience that screws up the very wonderful and heretofore taken for granted sense of trust and connecting and relationship that they have been given through careful nurturing or journeying through time?
(a Plant, so Tiny, lovingly sprouted, tended, nourished, protected, enjoyed for its individual beauty, put outside for a lovely fall day and some nasty rotten Little creature comes along and does its destructive, hurtful, selfish little act of theft. perhaps the little creature has some hurting inside deep and is trying not to notice. let us help him.
For those who are passing along their own hurt, let us Pray. )

My guess
it has something to do with those little creatures who are artful and full of guile.
Perhaps--yes, it seems when the rape involves lots of deception
 it makes me angrier. Oh, The Deceiver has it coming, baby.  A guy who acts like he is someone's girlfriend to fool those around the room, or who dresses his comatose victim in his clothing, or who pretends he has a message from a friend or who uses tricks to fool a woman into following him; culling her from her friends---the deception is evil.
The Art of Rape.   

So October continues and more rapes occur.
 And some are particularly galling. Aren't they all galling? Yes.
Yet somehow,
a girl still years away from 20
who comes to the Big Little Apple from a sweet little farm--full of expectations of a great fresh adventure--
 who is targeted for her sweetness and 15-year-old Naiveté
Cruelly Fooled,
who is Drugged, whose Conciousness is obliterated without her knowing
what is happening,
whose life is put at risk because a loser weakling selfish little thug of a ----------(i can't find the right name) decides to actually DRUG another human-
it really truly exposes the truth the Math
of Violence begets Violence.
perhaps DECEIVER is the name.

i have to stop
and get some air.
more ...
this morning another report.

Young women do not usually report the crime. want to know why?
first, read the national reports why:

but i can tell you from experience that women are often not believed - sometimes even by their own families! "friends" will often tell them not to "ruin the perpetrator's life." The police, lawyers, hospital folk and advocates let them know their case will either probably not go to trial or that a conviction would be unlikely.
no matter how confidential reports are, they aren't. word gets out. "sides" are taken.
I can and will give reasons to report.
but i can and do give complete power to the crime victim to decide how they want to handle it. no one knows better than they, how to handle their life at the moment.

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