Tuesday, October 27, 2009

On Any Given Day

On any given day, open any newspaper and there are multiple reports of sexual abuse, child porn rings, rape, sexual sadism, and more.
I opened the KC Star one day this week to find 5 stoires about the sexual abuse of children. One case involved a man who laced ice cream with sleeping agents and gave them to children.  Phillip Edwards (age 60) was indicted on various charges. he told investigators he did not do anything he felt was wrong. he felt that our society's age limits on "sexual behaviors" were arbitrary. Once the girls were unconscious, he would then pose them (ages 6-12) for pornographic pictures, and then distribute them online.

Reading story after story after story like this can get you down. each month the stories are worse.
i am interested in your comments and emails regarding your thoughts on how we are reaping this sickness.

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