Friday, October 9, 2009

The Good Professor - Goodbye to Leon Rappoport

updated)             The Good Professor
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The One of a Kind
Leon Rappoport
Passed Over this past month.
I was fortunate to know him a bit in the late 70's and here and there since then. As i walked over to the chapel pondering his impact on me--
(i was one day early and found florists fussing over some mums for a wedding)
i found this:
When you Spoke with Leon, or studied under him,
 you Mustered up and          (did your best)
Met him at his                  (uncanny elevated)
level of
Humor, Easiness, Intelligence, and Honesty, or you'd get that look---at best one might call it pity--

When i spoke with Dr. Rappoport,
 i was Schooled
to find and activate what i had of those qualities in myself.

He took a lot of us to School.
he was A Good Professor.
Thanks Leon.


The Obituary of Dr. Leon Rappoport

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