Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kansas State University Graduation 2011: phelps-westboro protest gets an F in Humanities and Christianity, and

Video below. We come early, secure the front place, and provide a human shield so that families of KSU graduates do not have to look a the obscenities of the fred phelps westboro gathering.

We are from SafeZone, the Campaign for Nonviolence, the KSU Women's Center, the social work organization, Motorcycle good folks, PFLAG, and many interested others.

A video of just the westboro HERE (NOT PRETTY)

A video of the Shield blocking HERE

Another showing the walk up video HERE.

Thanks to All who came. and who wanted to.
To Dr. Kramer for the Doughnuts!
To Karen Cypressi for the balloons! to Drs. Lambert and Allen, to Kay and all who have maintained this for YEARS now.

Was SCJudge sam alito right? HERE

some pics from early, getting ready: click to enlarge

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  1. Thanks for posting these pics! What a great day. Some of them don't enlarge though...can you send me the bigger pictures if possible?