Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bird Pictures in BoneChillin Icy Global Winter (Blizzard Birds in Snow) and the Rusty Blackbird

Snow and Holyday Breaks Are Good. I know some of you have said many of my posts are quite alarming or horrible. Thank you- it is good to know one is being read correctly.
Here is one more sweet and cheerful post from the holiday break.
The yard,feeding birds during this iced winter:  (click to enlarge) 
( i was reduced some days to shooting pics through the windows as it was below zero, the wind was blowing, and i was afraid...) 

Crow in Ice by mary todd

Crow Walk  by mary todd

Crow in Snow

Meadowlark, kansas state bird, in winter by mary todd

Crow pics by mary todd

I have counted well over 20, maybe 30 species of birds coming for assistance in this very hard (for them) winter; some even come and knock on the door offering a feather or two in exchange for some water and a wee handful of seed.
Here are some American Crows; the Kansas State Bird--MeadowLark; and a thirsty squirrell.
A flock of Rusty Blackbirds (see pic at bottom of post) came yesterday; had to look them up, have never seen them, and the females and males are each quite different in autumn plumage.
I have had to give up mochas and the typical friday night steak to buy enough food for the literally hundreds of birds who are desperate for something until the deep ice/snow layer can be pierced for foraging once again. To say nothing of the -8 (MINUS 8) degree temps predicted for the next 2 nights. The birds are so cold they no longer fly away when the cats come outside (for about 3 minutes) -- it seems they have a truce not to add to the wind chill by moving fast...

we humans do a lot of
complaining; we are
a spoiled lot are we not

addendum 2-11-1010 (the day achmadinajhad said he was nuclear)--these are Rusty Blackbirds, not faring so well in the survival "game",  see more here and join the Great Backyard Birdcount  national day of birdcount:  http://www.birdsource.org/gbbc/science-stories/past-stories/the-decline-and-fall-of-the-rusty-blackbird


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  2. Intriguing.
    And proved for me an interesting beginning for some thinking.
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