Saturday, January 23, 2010

James Ware Admits Drugging Woman at Bar (Date Rape Drug)

Lee’s Summit man admits drugging woman’s drink at KC bar.
James W. Ware, 50, admitted that on July 1, 2008, he approached a woman at the Bulldog Restaurant and Bar at 1715 Main St. and spoke with her for about 20 minutes. When she ducked outside for a smoke, Ware added half of a .25 mg tablet of Alprazolam to her drink.

A bartender saw what Ware did and warned the woman when she returned. A laboratory later confirmed the presence of Alprazolam in the drink.

I really want to know about the thinking of the male college student, who believes it OK to use a drug to "get her in the mood." This phrase has been used several times when men tell me what they have heard from older students, in using alcohol (usually everclear, grain alcohol) or drugs to facilitate a sexual encounter, also known in the legal system as Rape, since consent cannot be given under these circumstances. If you know of individuals who like to "stack the deck" in their favor by getting women intoxicated (kind of like the plot in the 40-year-old virgin movie) please tell them to email me or call on the phone for an anonymous interview to express their side of things.
more on drug facilitated rape:

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