Friday, January 22, 2010

Martin Luther King Week at K-State and Manhattan

Dr. Martin Luther King's Dream
is kept well alive each year at K-State and in Manhattan.

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here are a few pics from various events. click on pic to enlarge

No seconds for you!

Getting ready for the (amazing) matinee event.

Annual Program

Candlelight performance.

The Speaker:

Dr. Myra Gordon

Something quite ExtraOrdinary occured at the matinee.
 I want eventually try to describe some of that.
First were several points made in the matinee itself, and second was a set of circumstances related to K-State and Dr. King.

I will have to write about this in another post. But for the Full story, you can Contact Dr. Myra Gordon.

I do want to draw attention now, to one point made in the matinee.
(A free showing:) The Civil Rights Matinee featuring “The Witness: From the Balcony of Room 306” A documentary featuring Rev. Billy Kyles who reflects on the assassination of Dr. King, and events leading up to it, as Rev. Kyles stood on the balcony only a few feet away from King.
First: this was an excellent piece of filmaking, weaving several threads/perspectives of events into a remarkable tapestry of historical documentation.

The one point i want to reiterate today, in our public age of greed and corruption, of living in luxury on the donations of others, of fancy hotels and sumptuous meals on the taxpayer dime...

Reverend Kyles made the point, so pertinent to our youth today:
(papraphrasing, forgive my inaccuracies))
Consider the Manner of death of Dr. King.
Dr. King did not die running from a crime. or at the hands of a jealous lover or in the middle of a drug deal, or in a drunk driving accident.
He did not die in any manner which was shameful or in any way a poor reflection on his life.
He in Fact,
was killed, putting his Life on the line,
while in a Humble little motel,
working hard,
his heart filled with compassion,
 for those humblest, lowly, the poor,
the Sanitation Workers.
Men who picked up and disposed of everyone else's Garbage.
Garbage Pick-up Men.                                                                          Remind you of anyone?


A Day of Service at the Mall:

Volunteers helped other volunteers serve all over Mnahattan on Monday.

Many of us are grateful for the work so many do.

The Season for Nonviolence is the 64 days between the death memorials of Dr. King and Mohandas Ghandi. Started in Los Angeles, we have A Season for Nonviolence Here at K-State!

and here's a video of Getting Ready for the Day of Service at the Mall:    at

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