Thursday, June 16, 2011

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I recently image googled some popular politicians and pundits, and was rather surprised to find a difference in the number of images which had been photoshopped, altered, or smutted up. There seems to be a difference depending on certain factors. More research required... I am interested in anyone's opinion on this. I will not mention what i found;
you must do it yourself. If your search is set on "no filter" you might notice a slightly different set of pics than if set on moderate. That is, the folks whose heads have been put on certain types of bodies
(s and m outfits) may or may not not show if you have your searches somewhat filtered.
but it works either way.

Our Office promotes nonviolence. Keeping a calm, pleasant, courteous interaction when when speaking with an insane ignorant ass---just kidding, you know me...
when when speaking with someone who is WHOLLY
uninformed, wrong, misinformed,
suffering from delusions, out of their mind--oops there i go again.--

it is hard to remain peaceful.
can't we all just get along- hah!
I will give you that. Even when a person is sincere in their beliefs, i find that others who disagree are ready to fight and argue in a most unkind way.
Folks who would be kind, forgiving, charming, polite, sweet to natives who are throwing babies into the volcano in order to have an abundant harvest are filled with teeth-gnashing vitriol when finding out a neighbor differs with them on financial, religious, or health care issues.

don't believe
 anything you see.
anything can be photoshopped!

Some earlier pictures and
related ponderings about the violence potential of 
our humor HERE and HERE
next two photos were found when i put George Will in Search, had to laugh!
and the POW pic of McCain always makes me think of my father in Nam.

My ponderment is in
looking at the factors that contribute to certain populations acting in certain ways.
My own thought is that civility and  nonviolent, honorable behavior will always win out. If one wants power, if one wants to persuade, if one wants to win, in the end; meanness and nastiness will not help.
Will Not Help. find something else to artfully photoshop. like alfalfa buckwill.

pow mccain recovering from torture

the real santa

And of Course, BatBoy- no proof has EVER been offered
that this was photoshopped.

I am going to look a little further into this and ponder who does what to photos on the net, and why.

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