Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dog faces that make you laugh; Puppies bound for trouble.

I have to put up these faces, as running across them on the web just cracked me up.
The first is a blue staffordshire, american bull/pit dog, up for stud, with a face wide enough to drive a bus through.
Holy Moley! staffordshire

Be careful- when you click to enlarge this blue staffordshire, you might have a heart attack.

The second is a brown lab pup i want to kiss and have and run and roll around in a hay-filled barn with.
Following are a few other faves, not my photos but leapt from the web onto my space.

click to enlarge pics.

Chocolate labs are Fine. More Here.

Border Collie Pup. pure crazy good love.

Chessie (chesapeake bay retreiver) bound for trouble
mmmm- one tasty treat

Vizsla bound for trouble.

Pugs are sincerely GOOFY.

this boxer is chloe from "the daily puppy" site.

This labrodoodle is beyond precious.
It is like a magical present one would give a princess,
a sweet creature of pure playfulness, curiosity, and adventure.
if it could never get big.

This Boston Terrier cracks me up every time i look at it. Good Boy!

Now, don't you feel better?
I have a lot of unpleasant posts for the next few days, so lap it up !

it's ok, it's all choreographed...

SRSLY, if none of these made you giggle a bit, you need to talk to someone.

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