Friday, July 30, 2010

Hurting Your Own Species: Institutionalized Violence Against Women and Children

We will be adding a new section to our webpage.

on lthe left side, a link says Global violence.
It has come out of a class (EDCEP 311 SECTION D),
 and the research papers turned in by students
regarding the problems faced by women and children, Globally.
I know it is hard for many of you Young Folk to think about the situations that are so far different from yours, here in the states;
it is Very Hard for some in the older generations to think that the World, rather than becoming more and more kind, humane, helpful, just--has become more solidified in its Hardness
and as regards women and children,
Entrenched in Oppression, Slavery, Torture, Inequality, and
Mind-Numbing Meanness against those of Its Own Species!

I was perusing a blog the other day, horrifically disturbing, about the Women in Afghanistan. You can disturb yourself here.
And if you want to take yourself over the cliff, you can simply google the term, stoning women.
No, there are not funny pics of waitresses smoking pot.

It is beyond the pale.
Iran is currently hot on stoning women to death. ( HERE. )

Stoning women to death in Iran is not the worst thing on the planet. Really? What about the sexual assault of Women in Congo so brutal and public that internal organs are destroyed with weapons?
What about the systematic kidnapping, torture, and sexual enslavement of children? What about -- well, you and i know that we need to educate, spread the word, try to force the media to cover these topics instead of MelGibson, Michael Jackson's Doctor, and LadyFreakinGaga!

SO-- we are going to post the data, scientific and objective, and the stories, subjective and unbearable and hopeful, in order to provide links and energy to spread.

Ask your favorite media outlet on network or cable, print and web, to help fight the GoodFight and leave the Insanity around Basketball Heroes Rearranging DeckChairs on the Titanic to supermarket rags.

FuCryin' Out Loud!

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