Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Women in Control? HIV, condoms, and rape.

Here is a story, widely reported on TV news, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-10691353

about a gel that women can put in their bodies to lower the rate of getting HIV AIDS from their infected male husband/boyfriends.

"They said the gel, containing Aids drug tenofovir, cut infection rates among 889 women by 50% after one year of use, and by 39% after two and a half years."

(So one still has a really good chance of getting HIV.)

What really bothers me about this story is that it does not mention the RAPE that is occurring regularly.
the story says,
"Such a gel could be a defence for women whose partners refuse to wear condoms.

New ways of curbing the spread of HIV are badly needed, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where nearly 60% of those infected with the virus are women.
Many women are often forced to take part in unsafe sex, and are biologically more vulnerable to HIV infection than men, making a gel they apply an attractive option."

On Television last night, the evening network news, they smilingly end the story by stating how great it is that women "now have control" over their health.
What!? A woman who says, "you cannot have sex with me, since you are infected and showing AIDS"--is IGNORED by her partner and "forced" to have unprotected sex--
And because she is now perhaps going to get some gel to help reduce her risk is now in CONTROL???
Fu'Cryin' Out Loud!
Why do you treat your women so badly?
What a species!!!!

Power over AIDS? yeah, that's what her infected partner will say. Baloney!

It is women who are working to save Africa.
(True. You can Ask Oprah.:)

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  1. How do women get this "applied?" while being "in Control" of a rape.....?
    I am guessin' some folks think this GEL is a good thing??? an easy fix?
    Women who buy into this gel and think its gonna be a savior of the new easy casual sex era??
    New Flash - Sarah Palin is a rank opportunist and a fraud - just like this gel.....

  2. I agree with you chloeblack--but am not sure why you want to dis Palin. She has done more to make people listen to a woman than anyone. Even if you do not agree with her. She is trying to do her thing and the media hate her. She is like my mother who i adore. agree or not, why ca'nt she be who she is I don't think she is a fruad.

  3. CJ: ---
    I see through her false "concerns for family and women?" i believe she is a harm to women; not all of us can USE the system and grab media use to promote our financial self interests.
    She has no real concern for any one but her bank account! and her ride of fame to have a soap box to promote 'notions' that benefit a 'rabble rouser mentality'.
    Does SHE pick up the cross that this BLOG does? does she care about women of low income or these women in Africa featured in this story? HELL NO!

    The KATYTOLD Blog does this - it seems to be a heavy cross to carry and speak out and raise awareness and (hopefully) personal agency in (some of ) those read this blog and are empowered by it to do something or enlighten others - As I Personally do with the info from this blog.. i live in such a place where 'the closed mindedness of the many out weighs the enlightenment of a few'- therefore ignorance and propaganda reign supreme here.

    IF S.Palin had a virtue worth the nightly time on cable news I see her get- of just ONE NIGHT - if SHe was TRUE and say - enlightened her base on a single topic as in: the plight of the women in the Congo- as mentioned in this blog and KSU Women's center website...
    This would be a huge shift. I am sorry to mixed topics- but WHAT IF $arah was not out for just $arah.????
    My mother was fooled by her and the whole Katie Couric interview thing in 2008-etc.. it made/makes me so sad to see smart women fooled by this fraud- imagine if KATYTOLD had the platform of SP for one week- i believe she could open the eyes of a nation- self obsessed with (a semi- "Black" man in the White house-woo scary shit..) and such nonsense distracting the populous- that is pure hyperbole. it hacks me off in a social sense - we the people are being distracted from what is important.
    My point was with this gel.. the average young woman is gonna think its a great tool-(AND IT IS NOT- I think I gleaned that in this blog..yes?) i lived through the 1980's of the rise of AIDS and the fears of death from one night of sex with wrong person.. that was 1985+: young women now, were barely born yet, they have no sensibility of dangers still lurking in 2010.

    And God help us if Highly Educated older Women are being sucked into the faux facade Sarah is selling. She is a business model of Greed and self obsession; She is not alone- but she is a danger to Women's interests in general and a thorn in the concept of rational thinking. Rational young women should be asking questions, not buying into what is being sold. I am sorry you do not see her as the 'fraud' she is. The bigger picture is more important than her fame and fortune and fake verbiage she spills.
    Think of the 58,000 men who died needlessly in Vietnam for this woman's right to "egomaniacal" self promotion.... That makes me hurt.

  4. other than the fact that sarah palin has nothing to do with this post, i would like to say that i love her and with all the wickedevilon tv an in the whitehouse why get angry over a mama bear whose children were attacked for no reason back when no one knew anytning about her. when she was fresh an new they hated her, remember? maybe everything you hate about her is all made up by scared men in media.

  5. I STATED MY reason for utilizing Sarah P as a power structure she has the platform to inform a HUGE base of People about these issues.
    Simply. Someone who has really power (albeit based on self aggrandizement and person gain- not social betterment)
    THAT was the point is-IF- this BLOG writer KAYTOLD had a inkling of that media access this subject might changing a few hearts and Open and fucking minds- obviously YOU are bound to a ideaolgy that limits your scope of insight and you lack a buillshit meter if you LOVE SARAH.. this is why this country does not CARE THAT Women are being raped on our college campus's everyday and anything else written on this blog that has social awareness needs going unaddressed in our larger social discourse.
    I am guessing YOu would have been one of people who thought Noah and his ARC was a hoax and drown with the rest of the people who did not believe the flood was coming-
    go on Lovin' Sarah- BABE!its your ass eventually, I am gonna die soon, I just hope people figure it before we are killing each other like they are in the Congo or afghanastan or other anti women anti 'black'? cultures.
    If I had to say who my woman ROLE admiration model might be - (while I am not black) would be - Melissa Harris-Lacewell.
    Also- While i do not claim to :LOVE" her and follow her every tweet or facebook manifesto, I would like to be smart enough (and younger) to be a student of her and study with her. alas I am trapped in a physical hell and only get out into cyberspace...

    To answer: - I hate: SARAH PALIN... for: how she lies to Women -
    (SHE ---I am not involving Men in media elite for her babbling verbiage, she does just fine on her own) she is like what some might call the ANTI-Christ - how many are suppose to fooled by whoever that will be - in theory.
    Thats a good way to put it every one knows these bible verse references, surely they are simple enough for even you- although i am not pushing religion just analogies.... thank you for your retort - while my arm hurts so bad i had to use a dictionary to remind my self of how to spell a word for you. my afternoon task is done.
    BUT----looks as if KATYTOLD has had a lovely day of creative picture making and creative post writing - wish I HAD the power and access HER job gives her--- we all have levels power, mine is just at the very bottom- only this internet access give me a voice at all and I am not heard even by the tiny sparrows nor the cows dropping dead in this heat.........

  6. Chloe-well, i am new here but agree that there is alot of pretty stuff on this blog, and have not seen Goodddog use the "power" as you say expressed as hatred. sorry to hear you hate ms palin. seems odd since you do not actually know her, do you?
    question for you:has anyone ever lied about you in a way or portrayed you wrongly in a way that you cannot fix it? so people believe a lie? that has happened to me, and i saw it happen to ms palin when she was first in the public eye. when the mainstream saw how real and ferocious and average she was, they got scared. they totally warped the view of her. they are terrifed of her- ask yourself why.
    why did they decend on wasilla to destroy her?
    also- it can only hurt you to hate.
    My guess is you really do not know Sarah Palin Cept through the prism of the media which is entirely corrupted.
    If you have been mistreated and lied about you would know how helpless it feels to not be able to correct it.
    Chloe, we all gon die soon. Maybe tomorrw. I will look up the name you put on there and see what it is.
    In the meanwhile, is it OK that we can disagree about someone- who is not a 25 year member of congress that actually HAS ben effing us over?

  7. I dig Melissa too!!- you can see her at http://www.melissaharrislacewell.com/about.htm

    but i dig all strong women, even be they from Alaska.

  8. YoChloe--Your mad at Palin for using "media to make some money," so You saying YOU would not like to find a way to use the media to make some Dough!?
    no way! I don't beleive it.
    You say she has no concern for anyone but her bank account but-
    how could you possibly know that? are you the judge of her heart? she seems to be acting on her true beliefs to me. like a typical momma, tell her girls not do do The Deed but when they did and get preggers, it's alright baby, we will help you out, no such thing as kicking you out, of course we will love the Down's Syndrome baby and every baby.
    But the media laugh at her for preaching abstinence and then accepting her girl and her girls baby when she didn't abstain. The media wants to judge her bad for preaching abstinence. But the media is a big white male whore, they would do to Palin what they would have done to monica blewinsky, if she would not have had that STAINED DRESS!!
    Chloe why you want to hate her so much when you don't know her heart?