Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Ugly File--On Any Given Day--Sexual Slavery, Battering, Murder.

Why we do what we do: here are an armful of stories from 3 Kansas City Star (Newspapers).
Sadness. Can everyone agree that we cannot simply keep counseling, treating, and burying? That's like bailing water without any thought of plugging the hole...
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Years of unprintable sexual torture broadcast:

Battering, Beheading, Rape, Murder, Trafficking, Abuse.

When i started this blog, i thought i would keep up with all the cases of sexual assault, at least.
I knew i could not track all the violence. But I quickly became aware of the weight of such an undertaking. Even limiting myself to the local area, i would have had to stay up late reporting them all.
And my head would start to become to heavy. It is not good for us to know all the bad things that happen, i think.
we are not meant to have it all.
i think it important to realize how many families have what seems to be unbearable pain as they work through the grief of trauma;
the worst kind is inflicted by others of our own species,
by our own extended family and friends.

Any given day: Here

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