Monday, February 23, 2015

nothing is hidden

There is a Sufi tale of a master who had three disciples. He gave each of them a chicken and told them to go and kill it where no one could see them.

 Two of the disciples came back fairly quickly with a dead chicken. The third did not come back for a long time and when he returned he still had the live chicken in his hands. The master asked him what had happened.
 The disciple answered. “I could not do it master. Everywhere I went the chicken could see.”

The Barnyard click HERE

by R D Coleman

Here is the chicken god sees.

Here, the person holding the chicken god sees.

Here, the world of the chicken and the person god sees.

Here, the driving universe in which exists

                            The world of the man

                                        And the world of the chicken

God sees.

Here are the ten thousand magnanimous universes

God sees,

and In one world of one universe

                         of the ten thousand universes

God sees a chicken held by a man.

That man looks for a place he will not be seen

He searches closets, woods, voids,

corners and cul-de-sacs

For a place to kill this chicken.

And he fails. he knows he is seen;

For his heart,

                          Is also his womb,

                                        Is also his soul.

Here is where life bursts forth;

                                         Where all and everything arise;

Wherein this god is born, this god resides, travels, sees,

And dies.

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