Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sweetest Italian Mastiffs Making a Comeback: and Zorba, Largest Dog Ever (More Mastiff pictures and video

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A beautiful Italian Mastiff named Isis and her owner  were kind enough to allow these baby pics: (giant mastiff video at end of post). I've loved mastiffs since knowing a huge Bull Mastiff on Okinawa -- he would wander around the army base and help himself to your yard, your porch, the steak on your grill. Smart boy! He looked kind of like this first pic. Here is Isis >

Isis, Italian Mastiff

a man and a dog
When we lived on Okinawa, a HUGE fawn colored mastiff used to come around to all the yards or push the screen door open, come in, and help himself to anything he wanted. Yet, everyone loved that dog!

Italian Mastiff Pup

Click pic to enlarge cuteness

Isis the Italian Mastiff Puppy

Here is a mastiff - pointer mix pair of brothers.

More Mastiffs:

red tibetan mastiff

A neopolitan Mastiff

mastiff puppy

baby with mastiff

little boy with giant mastiff

beautiful bull mastiff from the calendar

My Bro's baby mastiff along with a Very Good Dog:

Mastiff puppy with human puppies

here is my first dog, a bulldog, the last of the show quality litter whose legs were too long, bottom jaw like a cash drawer, and could pass gas like a CHAMP.
GO to the Kitchen!!! meant, Get our of this room, you!

named after the wonderful Okinawan BullMastiff:

More mastiffs:
Different Breeds HERE

the supposed truth about this dog picture: FAKE VIDEO

here is hercules, touted as the supposedly largest dog alive now: (mainly, unhealthily fat):

But finally,
here is a pic
of the documented biggest dog ever, an EnglishMastiff, ZORBA who weighed well over 300 pounds, lived over 13 years, (rare) and is pictured in the Fake video expose just above above at the end of the vid.

"In 1989, Zorba, an English Mastiff was recorded to be the largest dog in the world with a record-breaking weight of 343 pounds": http://lazacode.com/animal/largest-dog-in-the-world


sweetest English bulldogs HERE and HERE


  1. I have an Italian Mastiff.. he is awesome a great fella..my issue is that he pees little puddles when he thinks he is in trouble or I raise my voice.
    any suggestions???

    1. I know there are sites that can answer this question better than i.


      I am surprised that a BIG ole mastiff ever thinks he is in trouble!