Monday, December 14, 2009

Two Mates: Stray Dogs- Brothers from Dwight Kansas (Mastiff Pointer Mix)

I went by the animal shelter to drop something off. A young man was there with two dogs he had cared for for a few days--they had showed up at his house near Dwight Kansas and they were clearly mates. They were so funny, affectionate, happy, healthy, smart, playful and wonderful. They moved in amazing unison. They were one. I almost took them there and then although that would have been Impetuous and perhaps unwise. While we were admiring them the shelter folk came and started to process them. So now i will pay to take them, if it is in the cards.

The man is leaving for iraq in one week and his wife could not take the responsibility to raise them. I thank them for doing the right and compassionate thing. The shelter folk once told me that a vehicle drove by and without stopping, tossed an animal out the window and sped away. Sadness.
So- these two dogs should stay together. They are so appealing i may decide to expand the guard unit and add them to the fold. Thunderpaws Tribe! Look at the size of the paws on the pointery looking one--
  short video: (  ) .
the shelter expert said they looked/acted like they were littermates-- indicated a pointer/mastiff/bull mix.

sweetest stray- mastiff pointer mix
mastiff pointer mix
Mastiff pointer mix

update: these two were adopted separately
within one hour after they were available for adoption.
it is a great sadness, a lesson for me
that i missed out on these wonderful animals.
the worst of of it is that
they were taken from each other.
what a pair they were. they would have been two huge wonderful dogs,
acccording to the vet, a mastiff/pointer mix.
seize the day, fool.
this is burning into my brain.

click HERE for some nice mastiff pics.

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  1. This story and the untold parts still haunt my heart and soul...
    your reflections on how - you did not act... when your soul spoke to you to take them and logic/reason- said "no better not"..because:(fill in reason here____ )

    we often let others in our lives push us around or just make our own hearts and minds crowded with - "their" stupid baggage! Thus: The reason for making us doubt our Moments of opportunity - sadly regretful (and for me a internal harbored resentment that turns only to a solitary self hatred...)

    I can say that with some hard fought introspection of the isolation and then the 'goo' that another person(s) can slime you with and make a simple things Much too hard... and clouds the mind of ones own will or logic- wile they persist at their voice at us...

    I hope, if you find this comment - your tiny doggy will come to you- and your office will be filled with a light of a living gift of love; to those who pass through needing a healing in their own hearts and minds- as well as an over due dog in YOUR own life Katy!