Friday, December 11, 2009

Led Zeppelin in the Morning

If you have to go to a "Salon" to get your hair "cut"--
can you do any better than Haynes in aggieville, ? where

Ira wears proper barber's shirts , the topics of conversation are typical beauty salon topics- you know, the same as the evening news: tigey woods, michelle's arms, and who's bed rahm e. will put a horse's head into--[barry* sanders' effect on the Lions, what to do if you hit a deer, where to get the best smoked turkey...]
More importantly-
the music includes Led Zeppelin, iron butterfly, grace slick and james taylor.
at 7:45 in the morning.

to say nothing of the Brendawizard who can actually make your hairdreams come true.   (785) 539-5512‎ 

Next door is the cd tradepost, where
Jeffery stands in support.

Jeff also has one of the 4 best tats in the ville:

The little threesome
(including the CocotheBolo) is a perfect trifecta of good service and
 therapy for the weary soul.
to say nothing of the rockabelly deli, the Palace, and starbuctas.

Mr. Beans from The Palace[newly UpDated- i inhaled today the delectable smell of a steak and olive and many-other-good-thing sandwich the Ropa Vieja-- Oh My!]:


The Coco has The Amber, who is also in the running for best 4 tats in the ville:


The corner of Aggieville SouthEast of the campus is a hotbed of Good Stuff.
Oh Yeah.
Click on Pics to enlarge.

The fabulous and Humble Barry.
 Where have you gone,
* Barry Sanders,
A nation turns its lonely eyes to you (Woo woo woo).Where have you gone, barry sanders, a freaked out desentitized nation needs more real men like you, woo hoo hoo.

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