Monday, December 21, 2009

The Real Avatar -- The Soloist. A Review-- And i am not a Pandoran Trapped in a Human Body.

After watching  Avatar  on a big screen and  The Soloist, on a tiny one
pondering for a couple days,
it seems the real way
to get into someone's skin,
to "get it" and find deeper meaning in another's situation
 is to see the amazing jamie foxx and robert downey jr in The Soloist.

(Having worked in Washington DC with individuals afflicted with heavy mental illnesses, i'd say )
THE SOLOIST is spot on and gives us many things to think about.

The other movie, avatar i think is the name, felt a bit like an argument being rehashed. [[To say nothing of the brilliant advances science had made while still using giant heavy metal guns. Don't look for logic or plot or dialog...]]

If the goal of Avatar was to teach (any unknowing) youth or others how horribly the native americans were treated; the selfish and insane mindset that was involved with that shameful time in human history--and many other times where the so-called "civilized" people used the power of violence and trickery in a most un-Christian way to hurt and steal from native folk--it was probably successful, in a shallowy way. The beautiful special effects and the rich sensuality actually might have distracted from/tempered the lesson.
We enjoyed the luminescence and heady movement of the movie.
but a new film paradigm? you jest.

I just wanted to post these thoughts in order to bring up the Soloist--which is not touted with a 150,000,000 $$$ ad budget.
The Soloist is a Real Movie and about Real People --a vehicle that can provide the emotion/thought/reality provocation for inclined humans to actually make things better. Are you the type who cares about humans in need, do you work to alleviate suffering? Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and cold?

as to the other --I think psychologists will see a trend--and begin to start treating teens who think they are pandorans trapped in human bodies. Have Mercy.


  1. here is a more lengthy review of Avatar I stumbled upon here on Blogspot that made me laugh out loud once or twice- You might like it

  2. yeh, that link was good- made me laugh too-here's a clip:
    "Jake is given an avatar, a body that looks like a Na'vi (meaning he looks like a big, blue kitty). He gets closed in a tanning booth and can control the body with his mind, or something like that, its not well explained. As one would expect, he meets up with the Na'vi, falls in love with the pretty one. Then the whole thing turns into Dances with Wolves in Space. The primitive culture is so perfect, so wonderful that every time they are on screen they are celebrated with sweeping World Music. Honestly, during every moment with the Na'vi, Cameron unloads the demo tapes for The Lion King. Now, when the humans are around, he plays the discount version of Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. Apparently, he couldn't get the rights to play the theme music for Darth Vader.
    What puts this film over the top in its road to crapville is that it is a self-loathing racist screed context to Jake intentionally killing off his own species. The pretty Na'vi Jakes falls for and has sex with (yes, he has sex with a big, blue kitty) knows he is an avatar and really an alien. It is illogical she would allow herself to be taken in by what amounts to a big blue sock puppet sent by the enemy. "

  3. heheheheh ahahahahah
    My little brother's friends already think they are na'vi trapped in human bodies. they plan on changing somehow- for the birdflying or the free little boobies, not sure...

  4. In my heart of hearts i am a pandoran tapped in a human body--
    A Pandoran Na'vi TRAPPED in a human body!!!!

    but i am counting on the new health care to give me the operation i need to be in that wondrous place.

  5. It's funny but the images from this movie are already fading from memoryview. yet i still have burned into my brain scenes from movies long ago, like opening credits from Phenomenon, or cinematography from What Dreams May Come, etc etc.