Friday, August 5, 2011

Woman Kidnapped, Tortured in Somalia Returns to Help with Famine Aid--Amanda Lindhout's Story

A woman from Canada, a journalist, who was imprisoned by a terrorist gang of young Somalian men for over a year (!) has now returnedto Somalia to help with famine aid. She indicated that during her Horrifying captivity, she helped herself stay sane by imagining how she could help change Somalia if she ever came back. More history HERE 

Here is a disturbing but inspiring clip from the Morning  "news" show regarding Amanda Lindhout, and below, her own testimony about the captivity:

((click here and  HERE IS the most recent story about
Jessica Buchanan rescued by navy seals))
More and more, one realizes that no matter what hell has been endured, one may rise above past suffering and help others...

somalian terrorists: somalian terrorists link with alqaida

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Kidnap victim Amanda Lindhout speaks publicly about
Somalia, women (we women want to get along--), and
watch her speak regarding returning  youtube video HERE 

Find the entire history including first news reports in 2008 at

also here is another short clip:

one of many similar horror stories:

daniel pearl terrorist video


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Uh, Gee, Wally, Can't we all get along?

Be A Good Dog.
Fu Cryin Out LOud!

(AND HERE ask yourself what would you do?)

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  1. Honestly I simply am unable to understand what is going on with the men around the world. They seem hell-bent to hurt and destroy, and especially on women.