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French Lingerie for Tots (Is Four Years Old Sexy?) and: Minor-Attracted Persons

Yeah. Cuz we don't have a PEDOPHILE PROBLEM do we?? (Wendy Murphy's gonna be ticked)

 see HERE and HERE and (below)
More about sexy children HERE and HERE

this pic and article HERE
Journal of New Media and Culture article
warning adult content

"According to Scott and Sarracino, the twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, known popularly as the ‘Olsen twins’, “became the fuel for an online porn engine that combined paedophilia and kiddie porn with twin and sister porn” (2008, p. 24). The Olsen twins are not the only teenage stars which have cultivated an erotically appealing image. Singer Bill Kaulitz from the German band Tokio Hotel has been a sex symbol since he was fifteen years old (he is now rumoured to have anorexia), and Britney Spears (see poster, below) was just sixteen years old when she débuted as a sexy school girl in her video “Baby One More Time” (1998). More recently, Miley Cyrus (born November 1992), a former Disney star like Britney, incorporated some pole dancing routines into her performance at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards...."

"In a recent content analysis of three leading girls’ magazines, aimed at girls aged
5-12, approximately half the content was considered sexualized in two of the magazines. In the case of the third magazine, 75% of content was considered sexualized, whilst merely one fifth of that magazine was “developmentally appropriate for the target audience” (Rush & La Nauze, 2006, p. 16). With regards to advertisements, Rush and La Nauze differentiate between ‘Child-selling-to-child’ advertisements (CC ads) and ‘Child-selling-to-adult’ advertisements (CA ads), “the implicitly paedophilic connotations” of which seem “even more disturbing” (Rush & La Nauze, 2006, p. 11). However, it is the premature sexualization of children that is the major concern here, not just sexualised advertising. It is feared that children are being ‘groomed’ for paedophiles: (see also Singer et al., 2007, p. 35). In the case of girls’ magazines, girls of primary school age are actively encouraged to have crushes on adult male celebrities. The risk is that when these girls fantasize “about dating adult men, they will be more inclined to see adult sexual advances as flattering” (Rush & La Nauze, 2006, p.21)."

"Conference Speakers Lobby APA to Change Language on Pedophilia "
 by Karla Dial

"A symposium taking place in Baltimore today aims to help pedophiles write their own definition of the term for the next version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM), set for publication in 2013. One suggestion: “minor-attracted persons.”
The DSM — the American Psychiatric Association’s blue book of mental disorders — is on its fourth version.
“Incrementally, they have achieved a great deal, the pedophile movement,...
Reisman noted the scientific defense of pedophiles dates back to 1948, when Alfred Kinsey published Sexual Behavior of The Human Male, describing “the rapes of infants and children … as ‘orgasmic.’ ”

The APA is taking no part in the symposium, presented by B4U-ACT — an eight-year-old Maryland nonprofit group dedicated to helping “individuals who are sexually attracted to children and desire such assistance,” according to its website...“The small group responsible for revising the DSM entry on pedophilia … bases its work almost exclusively on assumptions about, and research on, sex offenders, who do not represent minor-attracted people in the general population,” he said in an email Tuesday.

Symposium panelists include researchers from Harvard University, as well as the Universities of Louisville and Illinois. The keynote speaker at the symposium is Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the Sexual Behavior Consultation Unit at the Johns Hopkins University. In 1990, The Baltimore Sun reported that Berlin refused to comply with state law requiring him to notify authorities about child molesters under his care..."

condoms for kids

porn where's your head

can we at least have some cigars??

Wendy Murphy's take on Tom Brady's privacy violation:
"...A guy whose name I refuse to mention, who works for a website I will not reward with free advertising, recently posted a nude photograph of Tom Brady’s son at an online site that purports to be about sports but has long been described as a “sports/smut” site.
The 2-year-old child was photographed on a beach with his parents where the family was trying to enjoy some private time. Someone who was long on lens, but who is short on decency, and greedy as all get out, thought it was a good idea to

Fu'cryin' out loud.

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