Friday, April 1, 2011

Natural Anger About Rape : Sexual Assault Awareness Month

As the annual "Sexual Assault Awareness Months" go by, one might become tired, cranky, angry, frustrated, or spiritualized.
From some tumblrs: (do not proceed if you are not ready) and "sociological images" site:

Umm, sexy fashions for children,
 i was just curiously wondering who designs them and to what end/

I had an appalling) picture here
of a 6 year old girl being totally sexualized on a runway.
 that was being downloaded by people who had searched for inappropriate pictures.
mostly from the mideast; perhaps they are unable to find the explicit stuff they want. 
in other words, pedophiles.
so i am taking it down. 
we are doing this to our own children.

push-up bras for toddlers?
child's play stripper pole

Some sites where people are showing how tired or Angry they are because of this crime:
adult content (does that mean higher math?)

see how violence begets violence??
even in you...

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