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Student charged with killing Yeardly Love; Video of George Huguely/ lacrosse murder case

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Lacrosse player kills girlfriend?  Prosecutors in Virginia lay out the case, called 21 witnesses
("who gave emotional testimony about the college lacrosse player’s savage beating death, allegedly at the hands of boyfriend George Huguely"). Video: NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports.

excerpt:  By ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON  Associated Press

-CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — A grand jury will hear the case against a former University of Virginia lacrosse player accused of killing a member of the women's team, a judge ruled on Monday after a nine-hour hearing. ....George Huguely, 23, is charged with first-degree murder in the May 3, 2010, slaying of 22-year-old Yeardley Love in her Charlottesville apartment. After nine hours of testimony from about 20 witnesses, the judge determined that there was evidence for the case to move forward....
[[pain alert]]

Huguely is accused of entering Love's apartment
and slamming her head into a wall.
She died of trauma to the head, authorities said. Huguely told police at the time that they had been involved in a relationship that had recently ended. ..
Huguely's lawyer Francis Lawrence said he plans to show that Huguely had no intention of killing Love, and didn't even know she was dead until a detective told him. Lawrence also noted that his client has been cooperating with police since he was taken in for questioning after Love's body was found.
Defense lawyers and prosecutor Dave Chapman took turns questioning police officers, forensics experts and rescue crew members as well as roommates and lacrosse teammates of Huguely and Love over details about the case. Families and friends of both athletes sat in the crowded courtroom."
..."Caitlin Whiteley, Love's roommate and lacrosse teammate, testified that Love, who was from Cockeysville, Md., decided to stay home the night before the slaying, when Whiteley went out with friends to several nightspots. She returned home with U.Va. tennis player Phillipe Oudshoorn about 2 a.m. on May 3, and noticed a hole had been punched through Love's bedroom door. She said Love was face down, her arms down by her side. Then she saw blood on the pillow and sheet. Oudshoorn testified that they both "started freaking out."
A student who lived in the apartment below told the court that she heard a loud bang, then heavy footsteps while she was studying on May 3. Anna Lehmann testified she looked out her ground-floor picture window and saw a man walking away from the building. She didn't see his face, but testified he was muscular and wore shorts and a blue shirt, similar to the clothing other witnesses had told police that Huguely was wearing that day...Lead investigator Lisa Reeves testified that she videotaped an interview with Huguely, who was quickly identified as a suspect in Love's death. Reeves said he was calm and cooperative, and that he told her that he'd put Love's missing laptop computer in a trash bin at a nearby apartment complex. Police retrieved it there.

...Dr. William Gormley of the state's chief medical examiner's office detailed the injuries Love suffered, including hemorrhages under the eye and scalp and a bruised chin. He said that Love died from blunt-force injury to the head, and went over photographs with lawyers. Defense attorney Rhonda Quagliano questioned Gormley at length about the autopsy findings, including asking him about the lack of "grab injuries" to the torso or whether her death could have been caused by a fall.
According to search-warrant documents, Huguely had told investigators that he and Love fought on May 3, that it turned physical, and her head struck a wall several times.

Interesting verb-subject action there, sport.

you can see his new look, replete with anger and buzz cut in this clip:

Her family spoke of Heaven's new angel after the grand jury finding.

There is this individual
anger and inner violence HERE

There is this violence of control and power
in relationships HERE

There is the horrifying lack of love lack of community lack of species recognition in the culture.
these cycles and circles of violence are pervasive...from micro to macro
back in a bit.

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