Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Assumptions about Perpetrators of Violence: Jared Loughner, Dodgers and Giants, and Lacrosse

I am wondering why we don't have the media telling us all about the motivation of the men who beat an innocent man at a baseball game, the men who murder their girlfriends who leave them, -- you know, like they did with jared Loughner. Like about Rape.
Why aren't the media giving us a deep analysis of the data, the information about all this violence? Y'know, like with Mr. Loughner?

You tell me, who's really the one to BLAME?

falling whistles

humans do this for _____

Women,  girls,  boys,

what is sacrifice?

Your Problems are not my problems.
Your circle of pain is not my circle of pain.
 Your cycle of violence is not
my cycle of violence

your world is not my world
your wisdom is not my wisdom
My Wisdom

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