Friday, August 19, 2011

All things work for Good...

All things Work for Good…Each thing
After the other
on top of the other

The slow driver that changes your timing; an achingly slow
right hand turn from the grandpa in the bouncy big boat in front of you...

How many moves ahead do you have to be for All things to work for Good?
You too, you as you figure out how to barricade a puppy or goat or child—my aren’t you clever! Trying to give it freedom but not so much as to let it hurt itself—
Are you
different to a mean biting nasty one as to the one that is sweetly, smartly happily compliant?
.who loves you?

children sitting around in a circle blowing milkweed pods in a game;
like tricking an insect into walking Right Up To The Spider, toward death or life,
--whose good?

Branching Cumulations of possibilities that are Endless

motivated by love   [

Freedom not Slavery and a Desire for All to Come Home in the end
as Clear as a sparrow Falling
to the Creator

mtodd 8.9.11
(I know I know, IF, if you lo.…

Girl in a parking lot by mtodd

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