Monday, October 10, 2011

Respecting the Life of a Throw-away with "Unabashed Affection" and Dolly's Foundation

Harper the Pit bull: This little deformed dog was to die in a terrible way.
Get a kleenex. Video below.

" On Aug. 31, a woman in Sanford, Fla., first encountered the little dog when she spotted a squirming garbage bag. There was a man outside the Save-A-Lot selling pit-bull puppies for Fifty bucks a pop,” Daniel explained. “This woman approached him and noticed a noise coming from a garbage bag he was holding. 
She asked him, ‘What’s in the bag?’ 
and he said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ ”The woman pressed the issue and the man opened — and gave her — the contents of the bag. 
Inside was a puppy so deformed that it couldn’t walk or hold up its head. Shelter workers and veterinarians grimaced when they saw the dog and came to the same conclusion: It really should be euthanized.That’s when Daniel, a regular at the local animal shelter, stepped in.

She decided to take the puppy home for one full and final day of unabashed affection. “I had to show her what it was like to be loved,” Daniel said. “I’d planned on taking her home that night, letting her sleep in bed with us, and having her humanely euthanized in the morning.”

What a difference a day can make. Today, Harper is not only alive — she’s thriving. The frisky gray puppy is gaining more and more mobility each day, to the astonishment of onlookers and medical professionals.
Save the baby seals and pitbulls and humans and whales and oh, save it all...

By the way, i hope someone put that unscrupulous "salesman" out of his misery.
with some sensitivity training.
sorry ghandi

(Pray for people you feel disgust, hatred, anger, or violence toward-- do not let violence beget violence in your own heart...)
So go to this link above to help out with the foundation, or to read the complete story.

Dolly's Foundation: HERE

most horrifying and despicable treatment, but rescued--

More dog love HERE

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