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Baby Lisa Irwin, Wendy Murphy, and Criminal Minds (A Human Baby in Kansas City Appears to Be More than Flotsam and Jetsam)

A baby is missing and worlds change. The highest pitch of pathos and fear,
 love and pain, darkness and light
I have pondered what happens to a parent when a child is missing. Think of your own nieces and nephews, friends' new babies- how can one live through it? No matter how much i might read about or discuss the issue, i can never know what weight of pain is there.
At least, one might put everything in the Hands of Love.
Faith, Hope, and Love serve a great purpose in allowing us to survive this life.
But then.
As the horrible plot thickens, we find that
as bad as it is--
 the worst nightmare for anyone-- a love one taken, stolen, kidnapped by a stranger--
worse still
is the evil done by those who are meant to protect and love?
The trust assumption is destroyed and our collective agreement as a community continue to be eroded.
I remember a Criminal Minds episode where
 a boy kills the baby in a family;
 the show is about the resulting coverup. In real life we often find cases where parents hide really bad things out of a variety of fears. Sometimes there is a certain innocence accompanied by fear; other times there is greed or selfishness or anger accompanying the deception.
summary of the
       baby Lisa Irwin case here

I am really disgusted
 with the media's desire for
 sensationalism in every case.
 Forget giving us the facts, there is 
Give me an even press, give it to us straight.
Don't help me with bias and slant!   
Lawyer Wendy Murphy often has great insight into these cases.
She raises serious questions based on the available evidence in a recent column HERE (The Missing "Baby Lisa" Fiction - and Who May be Writing the Story) excerpted below.
THAT column and this report from the Kansas City Star once again make me fear the worst. (I always think they are innocent in the beginning. Almost every single time. I though OJ was innocent for a long time too. The the trial started...)
an excerpt:
"A specially trained dog “hit” on the scent of a dead person inside the Northland home of a missing toddler, court documents revealed Friday.
That was just one of the insights into the search for Lisa Irwin that were made public despite efforts by authorities to seal the documents.
... an FBI dog trained to detect the scent of dead people was taken into the house Monday on the consent of Lisa’s parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin,...“The cadaver dog indicated a positive ‘hit’ for the scent of a deceased human in an area of the floor of Bradley’s bedroom near the bed,” the affidavit said... Read more:

From Wendy Murphy:
excerpt:  "
... the hard evidence. Lisa was reported "missing" by her parents two weeks ago. The mother told cops she put the child to bed at around 10:30 pm and noticed her missing when her boyfriend came home from work at 4 am, after what was reportedly his first day on a new job. Cooperative at first, the child's parents stopped talking to cops a few days later, right before criminal attorneys flew in from New York after being paid an undisclosed sum from a "wealthy, anonymous benefactor".
Lisa's mother then took to the airwaves for the apparent purpose of obfuscating the storyline. For example, she changed her story to say she put the child to bed at 6:30, not 10:30pm. The benefits of injecting such a serious inconsistent statement into the court of public opinion may not seem obvious to the casual observer, but make no mistake, it’s a slick move if cops are actually suspicious about the father.
We don't know if Lisa’s father is a suspect, but in any case where one parent is a focus of the investigation, it's important to understand how it benefits the primary suspect to make sure evidence implicates both parents, thus allowing each parent to serve as the other’s built-in reasonable doubt in the event either one is charged.
Let me explain further...."
On Monday, Read the balance of her column HERE
She ends with,
...We’ve seen enough of these cases to keep our eyes wide open this time. Lisa’s parents have a right to remain silent, but the Constitution says nothing about silencing those of us who believe that justice matters for a voiceless little girl."

Has your heart grown weary?
Some questions.

Are babies valued or devalued?

If humans are only animals, why are we so accepting of animals killing their young, not interfering in the survival of the fittest, but freak out when humans do it?

Why do good people hide things out of fear of looking bad, when the cover-up makes them look worse?
What are the psychological dimensions required to base one's behaviors on fear and public opinion  rather than common sense, the common norms, and interior values?

Do we Really Care about our National Treasure so much?

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