Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Slaughter of Wild Animals in Ohio. Bless the Sweetest Tigers, Lions, Wolves....

The gut-wrenching pictures of dead Bengal Tigers and other beautiful beasts, shot down, are an appalling indictment of our responsibility as Earth-Keepers.
The only thing worse than the sickening way these innocents were wasted
is how they were made to live.
A Bengal tiger should not be in a cage in Zanesville Ohio.
(This is not a new problem: click HERE)

I cannot post the pictures of the dead tigers, lions, wolves, bears, here. Go google it ifyou want to retch.
I only want to say,
why is it taking us so long to learn? Why do we allow such Stupid Behavior? Holy Smokes.

We the humans who are to be so smart and clever, why are we allowing such predictably Bad Paths to be legal?
Fu'Cryin'Out LOUD.


Some photos from the www
Lions HERE

sweetest Elephants HERE

rhinos HERE

bears HERE 
More wildlife HERE

Most recent CBS story with disturbing images HERE

What about the continuing slaughter? Like the insanity of dolphin slaughter HERE and more HERE and  here

Jack Hanna :
one view-that he is merely defending the industry, HERE (disturbing pic)
Another view HERE
Him interviewed HERE

HERE is the story from an edgy little site: (psychopaths rule the world)

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  1. aww soo cute pictures tigers are the best

  2. when i was 4 years old i told my parents when i grew up i wanted to be a tiger or a bald eagle...