Saturday, October 15, 2011

K-State Football with Texas Tech: Cleaner and Classier on the Field than on the Radio Show

Kansas State University at Texas Tech’s Halloween stadium. We are 5-0 and the underdog.
Breezed through a coupla Red blogs from down south last night and it appears they think they will beat us by 20 or more points. One said, they will beat the "feral Kitties" by 30 points...

Oh, an INTERCEPTION less than a minute in and on into a touchdown. Yawn!! This is getting predictable…
 I must say I miss the atmosphere we enjoyed at Willies last time out, against Miami. i shant say where we are today...
feral kitties

 I think I am going to Cocobolos next time, which would be the ideal. Breezy patio air, on the outer Edge of the ‘Ville so that one is not surrounded by stumbling intoxies but can watch the most wretched of them veering out onto bluemont avenue (hoping to make it home to puke in private).

Bolos has the necessary dimensions for fine football watching. A Menu with variety in width, depth, and length, as well as several dimensions folded into themselves and unapparent immediately— such as daily change specials and bananas foster anyone? Really intelligent waitresses. Really.
 Yeah they are totally beautiful as well; and generous and cheerful generally; clever with humor and nuance and authentic enough to be grouchy when they are grouchy. Cheers. The cooks are fine and cool and the barkeeper is like the barkeeps in DC- snotty, hipper than thou, but better looking than the old crows who staff the worn dark wood bars inside the doughnut of Washington. The Cox brothers serve everyone in town’s charity events with generosity and food good enough to make a Bishop kick out stain glass windows…

So freshman Lockett just RETURNs for a TOUCHDOWn. Good dog.

Here we go; the POINT: During the radio pre-show, a guest was talking with our K-State Football Pre-show radio boys. He was like, the color commentator down there in TT ville.
I was driving the truck down a country road, enjoying the pregame feeling, the anticipation of game night, and this clown was attempting to use metaphor or simile to spice up his commentary. Oh he was (half-way to being) a wit.
He made a joke that basically said men are so stupid or so driven by their base urges that the discomfort of seeing their ex-wife might be mitigated, that they might even be be happy to welcome their divorced wife back after a time of not seeing her-- if she had had  “a boob job.” Yes, he said like "if your ex wife had a boob job" you might be glad to see the return of ...blah blah.. really.

Hysterical. Demeaning of men. I don’t care for humor that portrays men as lustful idiots. “If a woman has enlarged certain of her body parts, well, then, uh, duh, I can’t remember why our family broke up.” Heh. so clever. Move over howard cosell.
[[Holy moley they are at it again
 with Oklahoma at the homecoming game-HERE]]
He also compared a certain texas coach’s bad team one year with children who suffer from Muscular Dystrophy.    I ain’t kiddin’.   - he said, You know how Jerry Lewis’ kids, the whole MD thing? Well, this team,  these WERE Jerry’s kids…
I was a little surprised.
Vulgar, sexist, and insensitive (without the humor)
Our radio guys then invited him to come to K-State and comment with them here at Bill Snyder Stadium. Has asked if he could have alcoholic beverage before, during, and after “putting on the headphones”—that is, during the radio show.

i guess because He was such a colorful guy. Reminded me of an insecure young college girl or boy who will drink too much and then misinterpret her loud, brashy talk and lewdish behavior as breezy, carefree abandon. (and the laughter of those nearby as praise rather than boorish piggy snorting)
i gotcher feral kittens
K-State now leads.
Big Mo is moving.
 Time to split this joint, where the K-state fans are loud and happy, albeit not with the service this evening; and now a bit worried as texas tech moves ahead (by one point) with 3:55 in the half. Bill Snyder’s inscrutable face  appears on the Big Screen, but that is not enough to keep me here, as the group has rightly decided there is greener grass just on the other side of that fence.    Adios, Perros Buenos.

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  1. The posts at double t texas tech nation actually said,
    ...big game. Now is the time to make some highlight reels. Sick’um Boyz!!!! Eat up some running feral cat.
    meeeoww!! by Chuck&Duck for 6 on Oct 14, 2011 2:06 PM PDT on Prediction Time --- Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

    I like that “feral kittens” ha ha ha

    by Techcuz on Oct 14, 2011 4:26 AM PDT on Prediction Time --- Texas Tech vs. Kansas State

    ...but I depends how good their defense really is. 5 PREDICT THE SCORE AND VOTE IN THE POLL. Tech 42. Feral kittens 28

  2. i read a lot of the TT comments today, the morning after. it is interesting to hear how losing teams sound the same--the soul searching, the excuses, the frustration. i remember myself or my "teammates" making similar comments over the years. one thing i read repeatedly was great respect for coach snyder in the texas tech comments. in front of hale library is a chalking that says, Hail Snyder!